Top 10 Destinations For Plastic Surgery Tourism – Includes Costs

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Plastic surgery is a booming business all over the world. We uncovered the top destinations for medical tourism, looked at the risks involved and compared costs for different cosmetic procedures.

In every continent on this planet, there’s a country where people travel to for some major cosmetic procedure. Some of the most popular ones include; nose jobs, double eye-lid surgery, face contouring, face lifts, tummy tucks and breast augmentations.

Whether you’re for or against plastic surgery, the truth is that millions of people travel abroad to spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic procedures.

Below, we listed the top 10 countries that people visit, to get some work done.



Cosmetic surgery is big business in Russia, a lot of fancy private clinics that offer professional cosmetic treatments are popping up all over the place.

The Pirogov is the most chic plastic surgery clinic in St. Petersburg. It’s staffed with internationally recognized surgeons, and offers luxurious recovery suites and fine food.

Pros: Cosmetic procedures can cost 5 times less than in the States, and most Russian cosmetic clinics provide high-quality care and luxurious accommodations. They also have the latest hi-tech surgical equipment.

Cons: Language and cultural differences could be a problem. There is no chance of meeting the surgeon or the anesthetist before treatment, and building up a rapport. If complications occur after arriving home, your surgeon is a long way away.

Cost: One week’s accommodation at the Pirogove clinic for an upper and lower eyelid lift, costs US$1,000. Liposuction starts at US$390, and a face-lift only costs US$800.

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South Africa

Many luxury spas in South Africa are offering cheek augmentations and dental work at very affordable prices.

South Africa has one of the best hospitals and clinics in Africa, and they also have highly qualified surgeons.

Pros: Language and cultural differences won’t really be a issue like in some other countries. South Africa offers high quality healthcare and superb accommodations. Once you recovered from your surgery, you can go enjoy a safari holiday right after.

Cons: Doctors and surgeons are prohibited from directly advertising their services, but loopholes exist which allow a 3rd party like a travel agent, to arrange appointments between the surgeon and the client – this can lead to some dodgy situations. It’s always best to do your own research and find a reputable surgeon or doctor.

Cost: A face-lift will cost you US$3,000 in South Africa – this includes flights and a 2-week stay in a posh hotel. While in the United Kingdom, it’ll cost you US$9,000 – and this price excludes all other costs.

Tummy tucks cost US$3,000, compared to US$6,000 in the UK. Breast augmentation will cost you U$3,600 and liposuction costs around US$4,500.

Cosmetic eye treatments – like laser eye lifts, eye bag removal and brow lifts – will cost you around US$1,200. In the UK, the same procedures will cost you between US$3,000 to US$4,000.

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Eyelid surgery has become quite the trend in Hawaii.

Most patients go for the double-eyelid surgery and loose skin removal from the eyelid. Another popular cosmetic procedure is eyebrow, and eyeliner tattooing.

Costs: Eyebrow and eyeliner tattooing costs US$150 each.

A mommy makeover (includes: a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and a breast lift) will cost you around US$20,000.

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China is awash with new money millionaires, it has the highest concentration of millionaires in the world.

Every year in China, more than 2 million facial reconstructive cosmetic procedures are performed. This includes; jaw-line and cheek-bone reshaping, nose jobs, double-eyelid surgeries and much more.

Many licensed beauty salons have modern, well-equipped facilities, and prices have risen to higher than those in western countries.

Costs: Double eyelid surgery costs around US$1,500. Jaw-line and cheek-bone procedures have a combined cost of US$15,000. Jaw reshaping alone costs US$9,000.

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Poland’s access to the European Union, is one of the prime reasons for the rise of medical tourism in this country.

The cost of cosmetic procedures in Poland is much cheaper than in more developed European countries. Budget airlines also offer very cheap flights to Poland, making it a very popular destination for medical tourists.

Costs: Butt implants cost around US$5,700. Breast augmentation will set up back US$4,100 and a tummy tuck costs $3,800. A nose job costs around US$3,500.

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Switzerland is a popular plastic surgery destination for wealthy individuals.

The plastic surgeons in Switzerland are really artists at their craft, they make sure the results of the procedures they perform don’t look too obvious and don’t give tell-tale signs of work being done.

These surgeons are also in demand for their discretion and confidentiality – many famous celebrities, aristocrats and business personalities flock to Switzerland for this very reason.

Costs: A tummy tuck costs US$15,000 and breast augmentation will set you back US$13,000. Face-lifts costs around US$15,000 and liposuction goes for around US$6,600.

plastic surgery - medical tourism - switzerland - pedia 10 -


South Korea

South Korea is Asia’s center of cosmetic surgery. The makeovers they perform leave their patients completely unrecognizable from their former selves.

In fact, South Korea is the world’s largest center for plastic surgery. 1 in every 5 women living in Seoul, has had some form of cosmetic surgery – this translates to 20% of all women in Seoul having had plastic surgery.

The most common cosmetic procedures in South Korea include; double eyelid surgery, nose jobs and liposuction.

Costs: Ab surgery costs US$4,000 and a nose job goes for US$8,000. Jaw contouring costs around US$4,500 and jaw shaving will set you back US$8,900.

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Thailand specializes in transgender plastic surgery and they’re quite good at it.

Some of the most popular procedures include; Adam’s apple shaving, breast implants and cheek implants.

Thailand’s cheap cost of medical procedures has made it become a cosmetic surgery hub for medical tourists from mainly Asian countries.

Costs: A nose job costs US$2,000 and cheek implants goes for US$1,400. Adam’s apple shaving will cost you around US$800.

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Medical healthcare in Iran is world class and one of the best in the world. Iranian women are known for their desire to obtain doll-like faces.

Many medical tourists from the Middle East often visit Iran to get some work done. Popular cosmetic procedures include; nose jobs, tummy tucks and forehead lifts.

Costs: A nose job costs US$2,000 and a face-lift goes for US$3,000. A forehead lift can set you back US$6,000 and a tummy tuck costs around US$2,000.

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Rio de Janeiro is the world’s capital of cosmetic surgery. Brazilian girls receive breast implants as as sweet 16 birthday gifts.

Plastic surgery is ingrained into Brazilian culture, where having big breasts and a big round butt is considered a status symbol.

Brazil has over 700 plastic surgeons who perform more than 330,000 procedures every year, and some of them work in 5-star luxury clinics.

Pros: Top tier Brazilian clinics have world leading surgeons who perform procedures at a third of the cost that you’ll be charged in western countries.

Cons: Brazil is filled with plenty of bad plastic surgeons too, so it’s imperative to only go to the best medical clinics, and do your own research as well before you make any commitments.

Costs: A thigh and buttock lift will set you back US$5,200. A face-lift costs only US$1,900 – but in the States – it costs an average of US$6,000. A tummy tuck costs around US$3,000 and eye treatments go for around US$500.

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Top 10 Destinations For Plastic Surgery Tourism – Includes Costs



medical tourism - plastic surgery before and after - cosmetic surgery - pedia 10 -

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