Top 3 Most Popular Online Criminal Justice Degree Majors

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Online criminal justice degree programs vary greatly from major to major…

Therefore we will help you learn all you can, about the different majors within the criminal justice field of study, and help you choose a major that best suits your ambitions, strength and traits.

This top 3 list is compiled from data sourced from thousands of criminal justice graduates who’d completed their studies at various online college schools.

Most Popular Online Criminal Justice Degrees

More and more students in the United States of America, and as well as from other parts of the world are opting to get online criminal justice degrees through various reputable online colleges…

Who can blame them really…online universities have so many advantages that make it hard to resist. There are virtually no disadvantages that come with attending online criminal justice schools.

You can attend your online classes from anywhere you wish; from home, from work or from any other location you choose.

In the list below, we delve deep into the 3 most popular online criminal justice degree majors, and each sub-field within a major can lead to various career paths, which we will also discuss.


Online Criminal Justice Degree Major – No.3

The 3rd most popular major is criminology. This major is very popular at a lot of top online schools.

It’s very appealing for students that seek careers in forensics or forensic psychology to choose criminology as their major, as you get to study both sociology and psychology in this field.

The criminology field educates students about the different social and psychological reasons that fuel the ever-increasing crime rate throughout the world, and pin-points exactly why crime takes place.


Online Criminal Justice Degree Major – No.2

This is another winner for anyone looking for a field to major in while commencing their criminal justice degree online.

People who choose rehabilitation as their major can work as drug abuse counselors at substance abuse rehabilitation facilities or even work as caregivers in an old age home, or to tend to the needs of severely injured individuals.

Those who major in this field find employment rather frightening fast, due to the high number of substance abusers, and neglected elderly people.


Online Criminal Justice Degree Major – No.1

It’s no surprise that the number 1 spot goes to law enforcement.

As this already unequal society we live in steeps more and more in the favor of the filthy rich, more and more citizens across the globe will become unemployed and turn to crime to survive.

It’s no secret that crime pays and it pays well at both ends of the crime spectrum. Police officers and detectives with criminal justice degree majors in law enforcement, will be paid just as handsomely as their criminal counterparts.

You can also choose a career path of becoming a conservation officer, game warden or sheriff if you have obtained an online criminal justice degree majoring in law enforcement.

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Top 3 Online Criminal Justice Degree Majors



criminal justice degree online - online criminal justice degree - pedia 10

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