Why Online Colleges Are The Future of Higher Education – Vision 2030

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Online colleges will gradually become the norm in the future, give or take 12 years from now, and there’ll be more online college students than traditional campus based students by the year 2030.

Look at the type of cell phone, television set and computer you had in the 90’s and compare them to the fancy gadgets we now have – they are worlds apart.

The top online colleges in the world are already using the latest advanced technology available to mankind, to make e-learning much easier for their students.

The traditional campus type universities will become completely digitized into fully fledged online schools by the year 2100.

Online Colleges vs Traditional Campus Universities

The future is all about our leisure comfort, and free time to do the things that we love.

Technology will be fueled by renewable sources. All forms of technology, buildings and infrastructure will be specially developed to adapt to our individual needs and wants.

The problem with traditional campus universities and their degree programs, is that they’re all cookie cutter and uniform.

This current form and structure of tertiary education is a determent to the global advancement of the international community of scholars and intellectuals.

We’re not all the same, we’re all unique in our learning capabilities and in the manner in how we absorb and process information.

Most people think that the future will be monotone, grey, stale and uniform, which is far from the truth.

The near future is where online schools will thrive, they will bring individualism to our current structure of degree programs.

Online universities will adapt study programs and lectures to each of our individual needs.

What all online colleges fully understand is that people want to be free and not be constrained within finite boundaries. The general population want more choices, as well as to personalize their learning experiences.

99% of people learn much more efficiently when they’re in their comfort zone…that’s when most of us process information faster.

Most people’s comfort zones are their homes or a tranquil setting like a park – and all you’ll need is a laptop or tablet to study at any one of these locations.

Very few people will be in their comfort zone in an overstuffed university lecture hall, with air-con that’s always either set too high or too low.

The proof is in the pudding, statistics tells us that more than 80% of students enrolled for online degree programs graduate, compared to only 45% of students at a traditionally orientated university.


Technologically Advanced Online Classes

There are already online colleges with technologically advanced online classes, that allow you to view LIVE lectures from the best professors in their fields, right in the comfort of your own home.

You can have access to extensive online resources and very helpful online tutors.

The interactive interfaces are so user-friendly that even primary school pupils can successfully navigate themselves to the appropriate educational materials that they seek.

You can also rewind LIVE lectures if you missed a word or two, and you don’t have to record entire lecture sessions yourself…they’re automatically recorded and cataloged for you.

So you can attend that family wedding, business function or attend to your other social commitments – and watch your online lectures afterwards when you’re ready to study.

All assignments can be virtually done online. Registration and other time-consuming paperwork can also be completed online in a few minutes.

Most online colleges’ platforms are totally responsive and mobile friendly. So you can access your student portal from any device whether it be a laptop, desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.

In the future, higher education will be open and free for all.

Online colleges are the future of tertiary education and we should all be looking forward to a global community of highly skilled and educated individuals.

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Online Colleges Are The Future of Higher Education



online colleges - online degree programs - online schools - online universities - pedia 10

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