Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels In The World

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The most expensive hotel in the world is an underwater luxury submarine! You’ll be totally shocked at how much these expensive hotels charge per night…

We’re also not here to ponder and wonder how these wealthy guests truthfully spend their time in these expensive hotels, but we’re here to find out, which is the most expensive hotel in the world.

When we began researching this top ten list, we were flabbergasted at the rates these expensive hotels were charging!

$30,000 US dollars per night, must be a typo we thought…they must have certainly meant per month and not per night!…How wrong we were!

With the most “affordable” five-star hotel on this list charging US$35,000 per night, we started wondering who are these ballers dropping these obscene amounts of money for a one-night stay and what do they do for a living…most probably trust-fund babies.

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5th most expensive hotel in the world – Hilltop Estate Resort

US$35,000 is what most Americans earn in a year, but for some lucky few, that amount of money is pocket change.

If I had money to burn, would I spend it on any of these expensive hotels on this top 10 list?

Absolutely, the once in a lifetime experience would be worth every penny!

It’s just not a single hotel room that you get at this price point…

Most of these expensive hotels on this count-down, come with an entire floor penthouse suite, that usually comes included with your own personal chef, butler, maid and private swimming pool…

Now, that’s a superb quality of life I can quickly get accustomed to!



Palms Casino Resort – Sky Villa – Las Vegas – (US$35,000 / NIGHT)

We begin our count-down of the most expensive hotels in the world, with the Palms Casino Resort, located strategically near the Las Vegas Strip, in Nevada.

The Palms Casino Resort is officially the 10th most expensive hotel in the world…expect to pay $35,000 US dollars for a one night stay, at the Palm’s Sky Villa penthouse suite!

It’s no secret that certain high rollers, superstar celebrities and international playboys pick the Sky Villa roof-top suite, as their preferred choice of accommodation, while they romp their way through Sin City.

The retro-futuristic themed Sky Villa occupies 2 floors and covers 9,000 square-feet.

It has a private glass elevator, media room, massage and fitness rooms, sauna, rotating bed and a glass-encased pool that has seen its fair share of the most debauched bachelor, and bachelorette parties.

The swanky suite can accommodate 250 people for a party and comes with a personal 24 hour butler service.

The fantasy fulfilling Palms Casino Resort provides one of the best quality services in Las Vegas.

Apart from its massive casino, it also contains a 2,500 seat concert theater, a Michelin-star restaurant and a recording studio for its musically-inclined guests.

palms casino resort - sky villa - las vegas - most expensive hotel in the world - expensive hotels - pedia 10


Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez – The Penthouse Suite – Cannes – (US$41,000 / NIGHT)

The 7th floor penthouse suite at the Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez, is one of the largest hotel suites in Europe.

The Grand Hyatt Hotel Martinez is the 9th most expensive hotel in the world.

This 5-star hotel suite is situated on the French Riviera and it will cost you $41,000 US dollars per night to stay in its penthouse suite, that contains 4 luxurious king-sized bedrooms and a private terrace with a jacuzzi, that has views of the Bay of Cannes and the hotel’s private beach, which is the largest in Cannes.

This Art Deco hotel has seen quite a number of A-list Hollywood stars walk through its doors during the annual Cannes Film Festival…

…And its 17,976 square-feet penthouse suite has views of the Boulevard de la Croisette.

Established in 1929 by an Italian noble named Emmanuel Michele Martinez, the luxury hotel overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and it’s one of the most expensive hotels in France.

grand hyatt hotel martinez, the penthouse suite, cannes - most expensive hotel in the world - expensive hotels - pedia 10


Hotel Cala di Volpe – Penthouse Suite – Sardinia, Italy – (US$41,177 / NIGHT)

Located in Sardinia, Italy, the Presidential Penthouse Suite at hotel Cala di Volpe offers 3 spacious cave-form bedrooms, a private pool and fitness area, wine cellar and a rooftop area overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean landscape.

It will cost you $41,177 US dollars to spend a night in this penthouse suite…

…You can buy yourself a brand new Mercedes Benz C-Class with that type of money and still have some change left-over!

Hotel Cala di Volpe with its free-form pillars, medieval plastering and pastel colors – looks like a charming ancient village that as stood the test of time and it’s the 8th most expensive hotel in the world.

It also has its own private harbor which can accommodate numerous lavish yachts.

Hotel Cala di Volpe reeks of old-money, as its regular guests are usually aristocrats and dynastic family members, who come to enjoy the sensational views of the Mediterranean coastline.

hotel cala di volpe - penthouse suite - sardinia, italy - most expensive hotel in the world - expensive hotels - pedia 10


Four Seasons – Ty Warner Penthouse – New York – (US$43,000 / NIGHT)

The Ty Warner Penthouse is situated on the 52nd floor of the Four Seasons Hotel and…

It’s the highest hotel suite in New York City, at 700 feet above the ground.

This opulently designed hotel suite offers 360-degree panoramic views from cantilevered glass balconies and it’s the 7th most expensive hotel in the world, fetching a rate of $43,000 US dollars per night.

This modern contemporary penthouse, designed by IM Pei and Peter Marino, has only one bedroom, but its interiors are made from the best and finest quality materials such as…

…Gold and platinum weave fabrics, Japanese silks, rock crystal, Chinese onyx, abundant marble and Venetian velvet.

The Ty Warner Penthouse has floor to ceiling windows that take full advantage of New York’s gleaming metropolitan skyline of towering skyscrapers.

A night here comes with…

…A personal trainer, personal therapist, unlimited caviar and champagne, a chauffeured Rolls-Royce Phantom service and spa treatments.

The distinguished Ty Warner Penthouse covers 4,300 square-feet and is one of New York’s most expensive hotel suites.

four seasons - ty warner penthouse - new york - most expensive hotel in the world - expensive hotels - pedia 10


Grand Resort Lagonissi – The Royal Villa – Athens – (US$50,000 / NIGHT)

The Grand Resort Lagonissi is located on the Athenian Rivera and it’s the 6th most expensive hotel in the world.

This seaside Royal Villa is situated in Athens, Greece.

The US$50,000 per night rate might seem excessive, but its worth every penny, as you are provided with your very own personal trainer, pianist, limo and helicopter service, private butler and chef.

The Royal Villa suite with its gracefully designed 3 bedrooms, has many other perks that include:

A private beach and gym, two private pools (outdoor and indoor), a private garden and massage area.

The Grand Resort has 10 fine-dining restaurants…

…If you ever feel peckish and want to sample a variety of the finest cuisines, made from the freshest produce in season.

Since we’re on the topic of expensive restaurants, you’ll be shocked to find out how much, the most expensive restaurant in the world, charges per patron!

grand resort lagonissi - the royal villa - athens - most expensive hotel in the world - expensive hotels - pedia 10


Hilltop Estate Resort – Laucala Island, Fiji – (US$55,000 / NIGHT)

The exuberantly luxurious Hilltop Estate Resort is located on Laucala island in the Archipelago of Fiji and it’s the 5th most expensive hotel in the world.

You cannot simply make a booking here, you will have to make a reservation via an application to the owner, Red Bull’s co-founder, Dietrick Mateschitz.

Only after approval of your application, are you then allowed to stay, but only for a minimum of 4 nights.

Meaning at a rate of US$55,000 per night, staying at the Hilltop Estate Resort will cost you a mind-numbing total of $220,000 US dollars!

The Hilltop Estate Resort is a favorite among many Pinterest users who have travel boards.

With its one-of-a-kind infinity lap pool (with one width enclosed by a thick transparent acrylic wall), steady tall palm trees, turquoise lagoons and expansive wooden decks, its no wonder this breathtakingly tranquil resort is so widely popular on so many image hosting websites.

The resplendent Hilltop Estate Resort spans over 120,000 square-feet…

…And comes with a private chef, nanny, chauffeur and a endless number of private swimming pools.

Its 25 unique Fijian villas, which are furnished with earthy retro-futuristic decor, all overlook white serene beaches and have panoramic views of the surrounding lush green vegetation.

hilltop estate resort - laucala island, fiji - most expensive hotel in the world - expensive hotels - pedia 10


Raj Palace Hotel – The Presidential Maharajah Pavilion – Jaipur, India – (US$65,000 / NIGHT)

The Raj Palace Hotel is a restored ancient royal castle located in Jaipur, India.

It was established in 1727 and the Maharaja once resided there.

Today it’s classified as a grand heritage hotel and it’s the most expensive hotel in all of Asia, with its most sumptuous suite, the Presidential Maharajah Pavilion, demanding a daily rate of $65,000 US dollars…making the Raj Palace Hotel, the 4th most expensive hotel in the world!

The Maharajah Pavilion is a multi-level apartment suite that comes with its own private museum.

It has a terrace and double-height ceilings that are adorned with countless crystal chandeliers.

The suite’s walls are exquisitely decorated with fine glided details and regal furniture created by the most skilled Indian craftsmen, sit majestically in its hallways and foyer.

raj palace hotel - jaipur, india - most expensive hotel in the world - expensive hotels - pedia 10


The Mark Hotel – Grand Penthouse – New York City – (US$75,000 / NIGHT)

Located in New York’s Upper East Side…

The Grand Penthouse suite, occupies the top 2 floors of the decadently sleek Mark Hotel.

This 12,000 square-feet of creamy elegance has its own private 2,500 square-feet terrace that…

…Offers expansive views of Central Park!

It’s one of Manhattan’s most expensive hotel suites and has a distressingly exorbitant rate of $75,000 US dollars per night…making the Mark, the 3rd most expensive hotel in the world! Just imagine what you could buy with $75,000…

The Grand Penthouse suite with its pearl white double-height lofty ceilings…

…Has 5 magnetically seductive bedrooms, six marble lined bathrooms, two fully stocked wet bars…

…And a voluminously spacious dining room that can be converted into a ballroom, which can host 50 of your closest associates.

This creamy deluxe comes in tow with famous chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten…

…to prepare scrumptious delicacies for your fine-dining experiences.

It also comes with a private tailor at your beckoning…

…And he will tailor a suit for you at any time you choose.

And for the sophisticated high net-worth women, who will be calling the Grand Penthouse their home away from home…

Your very own private dressmaker will skillfully tame your tresses…

…Before you step out into the Big Apple for a glamorous night-out.

the mark hotel - grand penthouse - new york city - most expensive hotel in the world - expensive hotels - pedia 10


Hotel President Wilson – Royal Penthouse Suite – Switzerland – (US$80,000 / NIGHT)

The Royal Penthouse Suite…

…Occupies the entire 8th floor of the Hotel President Wilson…

It’s located in Geneva, Switzerland.

This serenely comfortable suite has accommodated many very important people (VIP) over the years…

…Michael Jackson, Michael Douglas, Rihanna, Bill Gates and Bill Clinton have all stayed here.

With a daily rate of $80,000 per night, you either have to be rich, famous or both to spend a night in this expensive hotel.

Hotel President Wilson is the 2nd most expensive hotel in the world.

This 5-star hotel suite offers outstanding views of the Swiss Alps and it’s also very popular with traveling aristocrats, no doubt due to the hotel’s tight security and the fact that…

…The Royal Penthouse Suite’s windows are made out of bulletproof glass.

Hotel President Wilson is situated near the United Nations building in Geneva, making it a hit among foreign diplomats, politicians and ambassadors who come to attend summits and conferences.

The 1,800 sq. meter penthouse suite…

…Has 12 well-appointed bedrooms, 12 sumptuous marble bathrooms, a billiard room, gym and jacuzzi, conference room…

…And a large lavish living area with a Steinway grand piano.

This stylish suite also has a 1,700 square-meter terrace with outstanding panoramic views of Lake Geneva.

Private elevators take you straight up to your luxurious apartment suite.

hotel president wilson - royal penthouse suite - switzerland - most expensive hotel in the world - expensive hotels - pedia 10


Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine – St. Lucia – (US$150,000 / NIGHT)

Coming in at the number one spot on this list, Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine is officially the most expensive hotel in the world and they charge a ludicrous rate of $150,000 US dollars per night!

You could buy a modest home with that kind of money, but you know what…

A full 24-hour underwater view of the entire marine world while in the luxurious comfort surroundings of superb yacht-quality marble and mahogany finishes, is a one-of-a-kind experience that’s unquestionably worth every last penny!

The Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine was a military vessel that was kitted out into an ultra-modern underwater luxury hotel…

And it is docked in the harbor of St. Lucia, a tropical Caribbean island.

There are grand aquarium-style viewing windows in the ultra-contemporary wood and marble paneled lounges, bedrooms and entertainment areas, from which you can peer into the deep-blue and admire all the sea-life that be-folds before you.

On a final note…

I’m pretty sure a bunch of wealthy couples have joined the Mile-Low club during their stay in this decadently luxurious underwater establishment.

And there you have it…we reached the end of this top ten list of the most expensive hotels in the world.

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lovers deep luxury submarine, st. lucia - most expensive hotel in the world - expensive hotels - pedia 10

Most Expensive Hotel In The World



most expensive hotel in the world - expensive hotels - pedia 10

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