Top 10 Richest People In The World

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Want to find out who has the highest net worth in the world and who are the wealthiest people on earth?

Then you came to the right top 10 net worth list!

Nobody on this planet wants to be poor and live in misery.

Even most people that live comfortable lives are unsatisfied with their income and want more.

Is it just greed or is it feverish ambition that makes almost everyone in the world want to be on the top 10 billionaires list?

In a society where only 4 billionaires control as much wealth as half the world’s population…

…(About 425 billion US dollars!)…

Disheartening inequality between the uber-affluent class and those living in squalor is ever increasing at an alarming rate.

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Bill Gates has the 2nd highest net worth in the world
The poor are getting poorer, but the highest net worth billionaires on this list…

Are hoarding massive sums of cash and their substantial wealth grows ever larger, year after year.

There are those who are rich, but only those with the highest net worth in the world can make it on this top ten list.

We’re talking about billionaire individuals who have…

The type of wealth that can maintain multiple fleets of luxurious super yachts and expensive private jets.

The capitalist economic reforms most countries in the world have adopted, has enabled a select chosen few to emerge as…

Demi-gods of financial success.

We are now going to count-down these wealthy cash-money gods, and find out who among them has the highest net worth in the world.


Larry Page net worth – US$50.8 Billion

Larry Page has the 10th highest net worth in the world.

The computer scientist is the co-founder of Google, PageRank and Alphabet Inc.

He’s the current CEO of Alphabet Inc. – the company that owns Google and YouTube!

He resides in Palo Alto, California and has two children.

Unlike other Silicon Valley CEOs, Larry Page actually completed his tertiary education.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan and his Masters Degree in Science from Stanford University.

His Internet partner and co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, is also one of the few people with the highest net worth in the world, but sadly he didn’t make it onto this year’s list.

highest net worth in the world - wealthiest people - larry page net worth - pedia 10


Michael Bloomberg net worth – US$55.5 Billion

Michael Bloomberg was the Mayor of New York for 11 years (2002 – 2013).

He is a co-founder and CEO of of Bloomberg L.P. – a global financial services, software and mass media company.

He has the 9th highest net worth in the world. Forbes estimate him to be worth $55.5 billion US dollars this year.

Political Affiliations:

Michael Bloomberg was a Republican between 2001 and 2007, then switched to the Democratic party in 2018.

Michael Bloomberg doesn’t look book smarts, but he is…

He obtained his Bachelor of Science from Johns Hopkins University and his MBA from Harvard University.

Just like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, he too joined the Giving Pledge, whereby billionaires pledge to give away at least half of their wealth.

highest net worth in the world - wealthiest people - michael bloomberg net worth - pedia 10


Mark Zuckerberg net worth – US$62.3 Billion

Mark Zuckerberg has 8th highest net worth in the world. He is the co-founder, as well as…

The CEO and chairman of the social media giant, Facebook.

Facebook along with its chief executive officer, have been taking a lot of heat from the media.

During April of 2018, Mark Suckerberg…

Known affectionately by some, began appearing before the United States Senate Committee regarding…

The Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data breach.

Many high profile celebrities have since deleted their Facebook pages…

After privacy issues concerning its usage of personal data had emerged.

And many others have called upon the mass internet population…

…To boycott Facebook.

All this bad publicity caused Facebook stock to plummet 19% on the 26th August 2018, resulting in a loss of US$15.4 billion, in a single day!

Facebook stock is likely to tumble further into the abyss…

As new tarnishing reports take aim at the narcissistic tendencies of Mark Zuckerberg…

And his management’s bias oversight of Facebook pages, videos and accounts.

Because of all the turmoil Facebook is in right now, Mark Zuckerberg’s rankings on the top 10 net worth list have taken a hit…

But he still, has the 2nd highest net worth in the tech and internet industry.

It is predicted though, that Mark Zuckerberg will be completely knocked off the top 10 net worth list by 2022…

A small consolation to those who had their Facebook accounts unceremoniously deleted for no apparent reason.

highest net worth in the world - wealthiest people - mark zuckerberg net worth - pedia 10


Larry Ellison net worth – US$62.5 Billion

Lawrence Ellison, commonly known as Larry Ellison, is the co-founder of the Oracle corporation.

He has the 7th highest net worth in the world.

Oracle is a highly successful database vendor…

Whose big-name competitors are the likes of Sybase and Microsoft.

Larry is the chief technology officer (CTO)…

…And executive chairman of the Oracle company.

Larry Ellison is one of the highest net worth billionaires…

Whose start in life was far from rosy.

He was born in New York to an unwed Jewish mother…

Who gave him up for adoption at nine months of age, after he contracted pneumonia.

He never saw his biological mother again until he turned the age of 48.

Today, Larry Ellison is living his dream life and he has been on the top 10 net worth list for quite a number of years.

He owns two military jets and he is a licensed aircraft pilot.

He has given away 1% of his wealth to charities…

And his late friend, Steve Jobs…

the former co-founder and CEO of Apple…

Was the official wedding photographer at his fourth wedding in 2003.

Larry Ellison has been married and divorced four times.

highest net worth in the world - wealthiest people - larry ellison net worth - pedia 10


Amancio Ortega net worth – US$62.7 Billion

Amancio Ortega has the highest net worth in Spain and the 5th highest net worth in the world.

Amancio Ortega accumulated his massive fortune by co-founding the Inditex fashion group.

The Inditex Group owns…

The Zara clothing chain and its accessory stores.

The massive expansion of its retail shops across the world has enabled Amancio Ortega to become…

The second-wealthiest person in Europe.

Bernard Arnault takes the lead and he is the number one, highest net worth individual in all of Europe!

Amancio Ortega guards his personal life with strong devotion.

He has given only three interviews to journalists, since 2012.

He reportedly has simple tastes in life and presently still continues to keep a low profile.

highest net worth in the world - wealthiest people - amancio ortega net worth - pedia 10


Carlos Slim Helu net worth – US$64 Billion

Carlos Slim has the highest net worth in Mexico, with an estimated fortune of $64 billion US dollars!

According to Forbes, he has the 5th highest net worth in the world.

He is an engineer by profession…

But is heavily involved with investing and runs numerous Mexican companies through his conglomerate…

The Grupo Carso Group.

Though Carlos Slim was born in Mexico, he has Lebanese origins, as both his parents were Maronite Catholics…

That had immigrated from Lebanon to Mexico City.

Carlos Slim had been smeared by controversy for the origins of his wealth. Critics claim that…

His massive fortunes were primarily obtained by taking advantage of poor 3rd world countries, where close to 17% of the population live in dire poverty.

It is not shocking that Carlos Slim has been labelled a monopolist…

He accounts for nearly 40% of the listings on the Mexican Stock Exchange!

His Grupo Carso company, has its fingers snugly plunged into the pies of many various industries such as…

Real estate, health-care, financial services…
Hospitality, energy, education…
Media, retail and industrial manufacturing.

highest net worth in the world - wealthiest people - carlos slim net worth - pedia 10


Bernard Arnault net worth – US$76 Billion

Bernard Arnault has highest net worth not only in France, but in all of Europe.

He has the 4th highest net worth in the world, estimated to be worth $76 billion US dollars.

Bernard Arnault also takes another record, as the wealthiest fashion retailer in the world.

He is best known for being the CEO of the world’s largest luxury-goods company…

Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH),

Which was the result of the merger between two companies, Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennessy.

Apart from being a business magnate…

Bernard Arnault is also a savvy investor…

Having invested in some internet startups like:

Netflix, Libertysurf and

Bernard Arnault is a keen art collector who has exceptionally good taste…

And he isn’t afraid to splurge large sums of money on the finer things in life.

His contemporary art collection features work by Picasso and Andy Warhol.

He has even spent 506 million euros to acquire two super-yacht manufacturing companies in 2008…

The Princess Yachts and the Royal van Lent.

He spend half a billion dollars on those two companies, without even blinking!

In 2006, Bernard Arnault roped in the help of architect Frank Gehry, to help design the Louis Vuitton Foundation.

The building is dedicated to housing contemporary artwork.

highest net worth in the world - wealthiest people - bernard arnault net worth - pedia 10


Warren Buffett net worth – US$82.5 Billion

Warren Buffett is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Berkshire Hathaway. In regards to investing and finance, Berkshire Hathaway is richest company in the world.

With celebrity friends such as Jay-Z…

With whom he regularly meets to drink milkshakes…

Warren Buffett is undoubtedly the most famous celebrity investor in the world.

He has the 3rd highest net worth in the world.

This business magnate was born in Omaha, Nebraska.

He attended a string of prestigious Ivy League schools…

Such as the Wharton School of Finance, the University of Nebraska and Columbia Business School.

It was at the University of Columbia where he adopted…

The investment philosophy of value investing.

Warren Buffett is a frequent donor to Democratic parties.

He heavily endorsed Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential elections.

He has also made it publicly known…

That he does not support any of Donald Trump’s policies.

highest net worth in the world - wealthiest people - warren buffett net worth - pedia 10


Bill Gates net worth – US$96.5 Billion

Bill Gates would’ve still had the highest net worth in the world, if he hadn’t given away more than 50% of his fortune to charity!

But despite his generosity, Bill is still a member of the top 10 net worth club – he has the 2nd highest net worth in the world, that is estimated to be worth $96.5 billion US dollars!

Bill Gates is the principal founder…

of the biggest software company in the world…

The Microsoft Corporation.

The American software magnate was the CEO and chief software architect of the company before switching to full-time work…

…At the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill Gates is an active donor towards philanthropic endeavors.

A mirage of various scientific research programs and non-profit organizations have benefited handsomely from the generous lump sums of money he donates.

In 2009, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett…

Pledged to give away half of their vast fortunes…

Towards humanitarian and philanthropic efforts.

highest net worth in the world - wealthiest people - bill gates net worth - pedia 10


Jeff Bezos net worth – US$131 Billion

Jeff Bezos is the founder and chief executive officer…

of the largest Internet online retail company in the Western world, Amazon.

Jeff Bezos has the highest net worth in the world and tops this list of the most wealthy people on earth!

In 2013, he acquired The Washington Post for $250 million US dollars in hard cash.

Wikipedia states, “He was one of the first shareholders in Google, when he invested $250,000 in 1998.”

“That US$250,000 he invested in 1998 resulted in 3.3 million shares of Google stock, which was worth about US$3.1 billion in 2017.”

Jeffrey Bezos is definitely book smarts…

He has degrees in computer science and electrical engineering from Princeton University.

He even had a job on Wall Street.

He started Amazon in 1994 as an online bookstore and it soon exploded into an unstoppable variety of products and services…

That includes its Amazon Web Services…

…Making it the world’s largest provider of cloud services.

Jeff Bezos founded an aerospace company to offer commercial flights into sub-orbital space.

The company, Blue Origin, has already conducted successful test flights in 2015…

…And opened for business in 2019.

highest net worth in the world - wealthiest people - jeff bezos net worth - pedia 10

Highest Net Worth In The World – Wealthy People



highest net worth in the world - wealthiest people - pedia 10

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